La antigua Giménez Indarte

Former Giménez Indarte


Giménez Indarte was founded by Mr. Bernardino Giménez in 1927, when he acquired the Jijona breed crossed with Veragua from the widow of Mr. Damián Gil Flores. The bulls fought for the first time in Madrid in the Plaza de la Carretera de Aragón on 15 August 1932.

In 1941, after selling what remained of the Jijona-Veragua breed, Mr. Giménez bought a batch of cows and two stud bulls from the Marqués de Villamarta, establishing a new ranch with a new bloodline and brand. The brand was altered, resulting in an inverted triangle with a cross at the top, and the red, white and blue coloured ribbon was maintained. Undoubtedly satisfied, in 1948 Mr. Giménez enlarged his holdings by purchasing a second batch of two-year-old bulls and two additional stud bulls from Mr. Clemente Tassara, from the same Villamarta origin.

Following the death of Mr. Giménez in 1958, the ranch was divided into three parts under the name Hijos de Don Bernardino Giménez, and our portion was named “Giménez Indarte”, under the charge of Mr. Gerardo Giménez Mena.

In 1970 a new batch of cows and one seed bull were purchased from Mr. Manuel Arranz Sánchez of Salamanca, who had updated his ranch with bulls from Graciliano Pérez-Tabernero, Antonio Pérez-Tabernero, María Montalvo and Conde de la Corte. Finally, in 1987 a new bloodline from Marqués de Domecq and Salvador Domecq-El Torero was introduced, comprising the bulk of the current batch under the charge of Mr. Gerardo Giménez Ortega and Mr. Enrique Giménez Ortega since 1992.

Varios erales pastan en en la dehesa de la Ganadería San Isidro antes Giménez Indarte